Common Facts
We offer among the most substantial lines of specialty Upkeep Absolutely free roller chain goods obtainable to fi t a wide array of distinctive application demands. Designers can pick out the series that most effective fi ts the certain needs in the application. These chains should be specifi ed only when circumstances prohibit using lubricating oil because, normally, a nicely lubricated typical chain will off er longer existence compared using a servicing absolutely free chain. In some applications on the other hand lubrication isn?¡¥t probable and so the use of a self lubricated or sealed roller chain is critical.
Standard Properties of Servicing No cost Roller Chain Goods
Sintered Bushed (SL-Series) Chains
Oil impregnated powdered metal sintered bushings release oil towards the chain joint as a result of friction formulated amongst the pin and bushing since the chain articulates over the sprocket teeth. These chains are rollerless and thus use thick sectioned powdered metal bushings which could hold a large volume of oil.
PT Form Roller Chains
Oil impregnated powdered metal sintered bushings release oil on the chain joint as a result of friction formulated in between the pin and bushing because the chain articulates above the sprocket teeth. These chains possess rollers to smooth the action over sprocket teeth. Roller hyperlink plates are 1 dimension thicker to improve power. Side plates and pins have specific coatings to prevent rust.
C-Type Roller Chains
Exact same as above except the side plates are all common thickness. The power of the CS Variety chains is under the PT Style but better compared to the SL form. Attachments with regular dimen-sions can be used for this series and consequently they are really frequently applied on small materials handling conveyors.
P-Ring Chains
Specifi ed on smaller sized pitch roller chains O-Ring chains utilize a rubber seal to help keep lubricating grease in when stopping the penetration of dirt together with other contaminants into the pin/bush-ing bearing place.
Seal Guard Roller Chains
Specifi ed on larger pitch roller chains Seal Guard chains utilize a stainless steel seal to keep lubricating grease in whilst stopping the penetration of filth and other contaminants into the pin/bushing bearing region.