Situation: New
Warranty: 2 many years
Showroom Area: Indonesia
Movie outgoing-inspection: Presented
Equipment Test Report: Offered
Advertising Variety: New Solution 2571
Warranty of core parts: 3 years
Main Components: Bearing, Gearbox, Motor
Product Amount: YC-1.five
Key Marketing Details: Reduced Noise Degree
Input electrical power: 1.5KW/2HP
Voltage: 380V
Reducer Ratio: 14:1/sixteen:1
Reducer Design: Worm Type
Genuine Impeller Working Pace: 85rpm—100rpm
Duration of Service: 5-ten Many years
Excess weight: 85kgs
Packaging for Container: 70PCS in 1*20GP 135PCS in 1*40HQ
Soon after-product sales Services Presented: Movie technological assistance
Regional Service Location: Thailand, Malaysia
Packaging Details: export carton box
Port: HangZhou,CHINA

Application submitted
Shrimp, eel, fish and other CZPT animals can expand up swiftly and healthly and can be averted to die due to the fact of absence of sufficient disssolved oxygen in the drinking water, meantime, Top sale cg150 bike sprocket royal enfield vintage 350 accessories can be farmed in higher density with regular output.
A:High effectiveness of oxygen transfering.
B:Reduced use value as for the rewards of strength-conserving, extended toughness and straightforward servicing.
C:Suited for numerous farming of CZPT products these kinds of as fish, shrimp, crab, and so on..
D:Motor: Very good paint solid iron entire body motor, high efficiency, steady performance.
ZHangZhoug Fulanke Factory Water Machine Fishing Farming Aerator Paddle Wheel Aerator
Fast Specifics

Complex Parameters

Motor power
Cardio capability
≥2.8 kg/h
Electricity Performance
≥1.25kg/(kw• 219 sprocket chain sprocket with substantial top quality for sale h)
Load h2o surface area
Impeller pace
Loading Region
12140-4 0571 m³
Significantly less than 61dB
Assembly measurement:(L•W•H)2150mm•1650mm•890mm

Technical normal&operational setting
The product is an improved paddlewheel aerator.Evaluating the previous 1, 10W 12V24V90V DC Equipment Motor With GearBox micro dc equipment motor for robot toy Property products it lowers reducer ratio,boosts impeller ratation speed and increases the working security of reducer.

Higher pace impeller rotation creates a vast selection of strong h2o stream above a prolonged length.It combines with high height drinking water splash.increase dissolved oxygen,balances h2o temperature and complete oxygen articles of the water and accomplish the ideal drinking water good quality.

When the motor begins operating, impellers will rotate and touche h2o surface area, it will press air into drinking water and for that reason increase some oxygen in h2o.
The most relevance is doing work impellers can make enough water splash and powerful water recent. Huge quantity of splash will get air into drinking water and enrich obviously dissolved oxygen in drinking water. Meantime, drinking water waves and present will get rid of harmful substances like ammounia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, and so forth out of water and ultimately cleanse h2o.

Higher extensive performance.In comparison with traditional paddlewheel aerator.this aerator is far more energysaving in very same issue.
All brand new resources created parts to make confident our clients obtain large good quality objects. It can be utilised the two on freshwater and seawater.

worm reducer

Worm gear reducer gearbox

Cheaper than planetary gearboxes In many cases, worm gear reducer gearboxes are a popular alternative to planetary gearboxes. A worm gear reducer gearbox is a mechanical device with vertical input and output shafts. This allows for very high reduction ratios. They are typically used in high-reduction situations such as machine tools.
Worm gears are cheaper than traditional gearboxes. They also have many benefits, including noise reduction. The output shaft of the worm gear reducer gearbox is almost 90 degrees from the motor input shaft, making it ideal for high-torque applications.
The worm gear reducer gearbox adopts an aluminum body, which is light in weight and high in operation efficiency. Additionally, they are available with hollow shafts and mounting flanges. In terms of initial cost, worm gear reducer gearboxes are cheaper than planetary gearboxes. In addition, they have better efficiency and longer service life.
Worm drives are also ideal for portable battery-powered lifting equipment. The high gear ratio of the worm gear ensures that it does not reverse drive. The worm gear has a spring-applied brake that holds the motor in place.
Planetary gearboxes are popular among industrial users. The efficiency of planetary gearboxes is important for practical applications.


The compact worm gear unit consists of a housing with an inner cavity. It has two side walls, one on either side of the front cover (13) and one on both sides of the rear cover (14). The front end cap is screwed onto the housing and the inner cavity is accessed through the rear end cap.
The compact worm gear unit can be configured to suit your application. They have many advantages, including saving space and increasing torque. The range includes single-envelope and double-envelope versions, available in a number of different power ratings. Additionally, they are IP65-rated, making them ideal for applications involving high radial or axial forces.
The compact worm reducer gearbox is a simple but effective worm drive. Its worm gear 16 meshes with the output shaft and rotates relatively stably. It also has a front-end cap and rear bearing. This enables the compact worm reducer gearbox to reduce vibration without damaging the output shaft.
Compact worm gear reducer gearboxes are ideal for many applications and offer high efficiency. The compact design means you can mount them on the motor’s flange or base. Its durable construction makes it ideal for a variety of industries. They are extremely durable and can handle high-pressure and washdown conditions. They also come standard with a synthetic shaft.

high efficiency

High-efficiency worm gear reducer gearboxes are ideal for applications that require precision, repeatability, and efficient performance. These reducer gearboxes are designed with state-of-the-art servo motor technology to provide tight integration and an angular backlash of less than two arc minutes. The reduction ratio can be lower if the application requires it.
Rising energy costs have led to an increased focus on the efficiency of drives. In response to this, manufacturers have increased the efficiency of worm gear reducer gearboxes through a number of technical improvements. By minimizing losses from rolling and sliding friction, worm gear reducer gearboxes are more efficient than their counterparts.
The high-efficiency worm reducer gearbox is simple in design and has the characteristics of a compact structure, high-speed ratio, low power consumption, and self-locking. Other advantages of these reducer gearboxes include low noise and long service life. Many also have built-in control systems that allow manual and remote adjustments. They also feature automatic shutdown protection and thermal protection.
High-efficiency worm reducer gearboxes can be used for mechanical acceleration. The input hypoid gear is usually made of steel, while the output hypoid gear is usually made of bronze. Bronze is a soft metal that is good at absorbing shock loads. However, bronze requires work hardening to achieve optimum hardness. For large worm gears, this process can take 300 to 550 hours.
worm reducer

low clearance

A low-clearance worm reducer gearbox is a device used to adjust the speed of a rotating shaft. It uses a worm gear consisting of two members. One worm is at one end of the shaft and the other is at the other end. Both worms are screwed into the synchronous drive structure.
Low clearance worm gear reducer gearboxes can be produced on conventional worm gear production lines without overlapping investments. These units are usually made of soft rubber. Also, they are relatively quiet in operation. These machines are designed so that they are suitable for use in elevators. The softer material in the worm gear also helps absorb shock loads.
The tooth profile of the worm gear is designed to change with the axial movement of the worm. Worms have thinner right teeth and thicker left teeth. As the worm moves to the right, its teeth mesh with the worm gear, reducing backlash.
There are many different types of worm gears. The design of gears depends on many factors, including backlash, thermal design, friction factors and lubrication. Worm gears are made of several different materials. Some different types of materials used in worm gears require special lubrication.


The quieter worm reducer gearbox is designed to reduce the noise level of the rotating gear motor. The device has more gear teeth in meshing contact with the gears, which helps it run more quietly. In addition to being quieter than other transmissions, it’s also less expensive than its counterparts.
Worm gearboxes can be used for different applications, but they are not as efficient as helical gearboxes. Worm reducer gearboxes are cheaper but less than 90% efficient. Higher gear ratios reduce efficiency, so worm gear reducer gearboxes are better suited for applications that require low-speed torque. The cost of buying a worm gearbox will depend on the horsepower and gear ratios required.
Worm reducer gearboxes are also more comfortable to use than planetary gearboxes. They don’t vibrate and heat up quickly, making them an excellent choice for low to medium horsepower applications. Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be upgraded to improve their performance by combining with other gear trains or gearboxes.
worm reducer

easy to replace

An easily replaceable worm gear reducer gearbox can save you a lot of money. A worm gear reducer gearbox is part of a chain drive and allows you to change gear ratios quickly and easily. Worm gear reducer gearboxes can be easily replaced in a number of ways. It’s a good idea to read the manufacturer’s manual before replacing a worm gear reducer gearbox. Make sure you have the instructions available so you can refer to them in the future.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes offer many advantages, including long service life and low noise. They are also designed with a 90-degree output shaft for easy installation. Another advantage of these gear reducer gearboxes is that they can be used with both solid and hollow output shafts. This means less maintenance and downtime.
Worm gear reducer gearboxes are widely used. Most gear manufacturers have large inventories. Worm gears also have uniform mounting dimensions. Dimensional consistency means you don’t have to worry about matching the shaft length and diameter to the worm gear. You can easily find a replacement worm gear reducer gearbox for your equipment.
When replacing the worm gear reducer gearbox, check the lubricating oil recommended by the machine. If not included, use original gear oil. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

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